Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Getting shots, as in vaccines, is a topic that comes up on a regular basis at our house. The kids tell us pretty much every day how they never want to get a shot again. They think that we need reminding, so they bring it up as often as possible. In the middle of dinner someone will mention "i don't ever want to get a shot ever again, ok mom?" Well, as much as they cried and pleaded I had to take them to get their shots. I explained to Britton that you have to get shots if you want to go to school and that seemed to help because he loves school! I overheard him trying to comfort Presley as she cried before her shots and it melted my heart! He said "Presley, do you want to go to Winnie School (the pre-school my mom does Presley every Wednesday)? Well If you want to go to Winnie School then you have to get your shots ok? It will only be like a little pinch and then it won't hurt anymore ok." Ahh! It melted me! Then I laughed out loud! Pretty sure that "Winnie" School doesn't require vaccinations! ha ha. So cute!