Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today was a rainy day and we luckily had no plans and were able to stay inside. All day. At first that sounded like a dream come true. I have not been home all week so a day at home sounded perfect. BY about 11am the kids were bouncing off the walls, following Steven where ever he went (to the fridge, to the bathroom, etc.) and were getting pretty bored. For those of you who know our Presley, know that the girl is absolutely nuts! In a good way. She is hilarious! So after hours of kids bouncing off the walls, Steven finally asked, completely exhausted, "Presley why are you so crazy?" Her response with out even skipping a beat: "Cause I like to be Trazy!" Love her.

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  1. I lurve that story and I love that you are a's about time!! :) Happy Birthday my dear!