Monday, November 30, 2009

Itches like a Cactus

For those of you who know my dear sweet little Britton know that he is EXTREMELY picky about his clothes. He has an excuse every day of why he can't wear a certain item of clothing that I pick out for him. We go through so many outfit choices each morning, and with each outfit he tells me what is wrong with a certain item. Today's excuses: I handed him a clean pair of underwear.....he puts them on and then immediately says as he is taking them back off of his body "these itch like a cactus." Err What? A cactus? Uh ok. So I handed him another pair of underwear, he put them on and then stood there for a minute like he was waiting for something to happen then said "these ones are ok." Then I bought him this heavier jacket to wear as it is getting colder and as I handed it to him to wear to school he said "I can't wear that jacket. Everyone will make fun of me if I wear that." It upset me and I, as a defensive mother asked why people would make fun of him for wearing this jacket. He said "Because its too puffy and other people don't wear puffy jackets." Great the kid comes out as Steven's twin but he gets my one worst quality of caring what other people think a little too much. The kid makes me laugh!

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  1. That's too funny! Elena's got a pair that she says itches--it's the sparkly thread in the waistband.

    Tell him no one wears puffy coats here because everyone has wimpy coats. His is *way* warmer than anyone else's and all the kids in Utah and Minnesota wear them. I can provide pictures, if you need.