Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is it May.....really?

So me and my blog lost touch there for a while. But I have big plans to become reacquainted over the next few days! I can't believe that it is already May. The twins will be one on the 21st. This past year has been a fun and busy one. I loved each of the stages that come in the first year of a child's life. And to witness those stages in two children at once has been fascinating to say the least. They are such a blessing to me and I love those little girls so much! Britton and Presley continue to make me laugh and I have some really funny stories to share. #1. I have decided that now that I have 4 kids and I am 35 lbs heavier than I was the day I got preggo with Britt, and now that the twins are almost a year, that it is time to finally lose weight. Ridiculous! So, after trying and failing miserably at every attempt to lose weight by counting calories and cooking 3 meals a day and eating snacks, etc., I thought I'd make it easy and start Slim Fast. Yes I know. But I like it and it is actually very convenient. So we are sitting at the dinner table the other night and Presley turns to Britton and says "Britton, did you know that Mommy is fat so she has to eat special food?" Without even skipping a beat Britton starts singing the song that the Hippo sings to Gloria on Madagascar II ..."I like em' big, I like em' juicy, I like em' chunky." After laughing for about 10 minutes straight we had a talk about how it isn't nice to call people (especially mommy who is very sensitive about her weight) "fat." :) I couldn't help but laugh!
#2. As you can imagine, having 4 kids with the oldest being 5 years old, my house is a disaster area 99.9% of the time. One day I turned off the TV and told the kids that it was time to clean up. ..That we were going to make our house sparkling clean. Britton got up and started to help while Presley kicked her feet up and laid back on the couch and watched us. This did not make me so happy. I had words with her and threatened her (a little :)). She still sat on the couch watching. So I told her to get upstairs to her room and start cleaning or she could just stay in there for timeout. So she went upstairs and I thought that I had finally gotten through to her. About 3 minutes later she comes walking down the stairs with something in her hand. She walks straight up to Britton and tossed a handful of money (quarters from her piggy bank) and said "Here, you can have all of this if you do my chores for me." I was shocked. What 3 year old knows that you can pay someone off? I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard. Yet at the same time I was so disappointed in her. I kid you not, after convincing Britton to do her chores, she sat up on the couch with her legs crossed, holding candy from her Easter basket and literally watched as he did her chores. I didn't know what to do. Do I punish her? Am I proud of her for how creative she is? I mean, she is 3 and is already wheeling and dealing! Good grief child! She makes me laugh!

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  1. So freaking adorable!!! And such a smartie! I love her!!!!