Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Thoughtful Prayer

Britton, at times, will say the most thoughtful prayers. Tonight it kept going and going and going. He had thanked Heavenly Father for the trees, every person he could think of, his bed, his shoes, his clothes, the light bulbs, the carpet, the couch. Steven and I opened our eyes to give each other a quick look and while our eyes were still opened we heard him say "And thank you that I could finish the last level of Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox tonight." Steven couldn't hold it in. He laughed so hard, he was holding his nose to try to keep from laughing at Britt's prayer! Britton opened his eyes to see what we were laughing at. He didn't see what was so funny! At least he realizes that prayers are the time that we thank Heavenly Father for that we have been blessed with. :)

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